Message From Karen

Wow, what a year! 2015 was exciting and exhausting all at the same time! After the closing of "Diva" in February, I was crazy busy doing my new "Lasting Impressions" shows for Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Princess. But that wasn't the really busy part of my year....Don had his Big 50th Birthday!

My Sister got married to the most wonderful man (Tim) and is now Linda Pitre-McAloney. I was the MC and that was crazy and fun and stressful. Don and I also celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! All went well and everyone is happy and most importantly, healthy!

Now, down to business! This year will be a new and challenging one; not only do we have many cruise ship performances booked, we have added some fun Active Adult Communities in Florida for the month of February.

Two of those upcoming shows will be available to the public and details will soon be on our Appearances page. Don and I are super excited about this new venture. We are also performing in a showcase for more venues starting in 2017 onwards. I have added a 90-minute track show to my bag of tricks which enables me to perform in venues all over Canada and the States.

Last, but certainly not least, I have recently teamed up with a very successful Male Impressionist named Chris John. We are hard at work writing a show together (actually, he has done most of the heavy lifting - sorry Chris!) and will be selling it very soon in the new year. This show is sure to appeal to a wide variety of people with its unique combination — a Male and Female Impressionist together. Kind of like uniting chocolate and peanut butter!

Have a very happy and healthy 2016 everyone!